Become a Honey Pot Artist

Registrations for Honey Pot Artists are now open!

Joining the Honey Pot program provides opportunities for future programming, new commissions, collaborations, professional development and networking. There is no cost to take part in Honey Pot but you must have an event registered in Fringe 2021 to be eligible.


Levels of Engagement

Honey Pot welcomes artists, producers and independent creatives of all levels. In order to effectively support all of our Honey Pot artists, we have a tiered system of access. This makes our program inclusive for first timers whilst also satisfying the needs of established producers and artists who are ready to connect to the world stage. 

During registration for Honey Pot in AVR, artists are able to sign up to one of three levels of engagement: Newcomer, Next Level or Ready to Go. 

Each tier has specific sessions/events that are available to each level.

  • Opportunities for Newcomers: Honey Pot orientation, Marketplace one-on-ones, all panels and information sessions.

  • Opportunities for Next Level: Creative Surgeries, HoneyCombs, HIVE, all panels and information sessions.

  • Opportunities for Ready to Go: HIVE, HoneyCombs, all panels and information sessions. 

The Artist Experience

Being a part of Honey Pot as an artist will get you:       

  • Dedicated support and access to the friendly and approachable marketplace team.
  • Access to 300+ industry delegates with whom you will be able to build new connections. 
  • Professional development and resources.
  • Creative surgeries and roundtable discussions with industry experts. 
  • Weekly Honey Pot HIVE matchmaking sessions.  

Have questions? Feel free to pop an email through to our Marketplace Manager, Andy Beecroft:

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Banner Image – Artist: Dom Chambers. Photographer: Chloe Elizabeth.