Adelaide FringeVIEW is bringing Fringe directly to your lounge room! Get your popcorn and PJs ready, FringeVIEW is coming to your screens on May 1, 2020.

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What is Adelaide FringeVIEW?

FringeVIEW is Adelaide Fringe's answer to the coronavirus crisis. We want to help the artists who are unable to perform live or who have had their shows cancelled due to COVID-19. We thought: what if we provided a virtual stage for artists to perform on? And just like that, FringeVIEW was born.

This project is a free initiative for artists, created to present local and international talent to online audiences in this new artistic experience. We wanted you to be able to enjoy the arts from the comfort and safety of your couch, all the while creating a space for Fringe artists to perform, connect with audiences and generate some much needed income.

Absolutely anyone can register content for the pilot of FringeVIEW, and it is completely FREE for participants to do so!

We are calling for artists and content creators from all genres to register video content for the online pilot platform. And just like Fringe, FringeVIEW is open access.

Perhaps you are already watching someone's content regularly on social media? Or you are creating videos yourself? We're encouraging people from everywhere to jump online and get involved.

Registrations open Wednesday 15th April, 2020 on the AVR.

Watch this space! More FringeVIEW news will be coming soon.

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