Fringe Deals

Looking for yet another way to engage with audiences during Festival Season? Why wouldn’t you! Fringe Deals are the perfect way to get your business involved and pull in the punters before and after shows.

So what exactly is in it for you and your business? Offering a Fringe Deal means free promotion to thousands of passionate Fringe goers on the Adelaide Fringe website, and via social media posts and eNewsletters.

Fringe-goers love grabbing a bite and a drink before or after a show, and we have the cold hard numbers to prove it. In previous years:

  • 77% bought a drink at a Fringe venue
  • 67% bought food at a Fringe venue
  • 69% went for a meal elsewhere
  • 61% had a drink elsewhere
How Does It Work

Fringe Deals are open to Adelaide Fringe Members as well as anyone with their hands on a Fringe Deal coupon. In order to redeem a Fringe Deal from your business or venue, patrons will simply have to provide you with their coupon or digital proof of their Fringe Membership.

The deal, itself, is up to you! Chuck us an email with what you have in mind, and we would be more than happy to discuss. Think % discounts, 2-for-1 deals, bonus merch etc. The better the deal, the more likely you are to see our audiences streaming through your door.

Make sure to register your Fringe Deal to maximise your exposure and get the most out of the festival season during the 2019 Adelaide Fringe.  

Who Is It For 

Fringe Deals are for venues and businesses. Particularly, Fringe Deals works best for bars and restaruants or brick-and-mortar venues. However, we are more than happy to consider any establishment. The more the merrier! 

Please note, Fringe Deals are not for Fringe Shows. If you are looking to promote and advertise your Fringe Show, you can do so throught the Fringe AVR.


To find out more or to put forward an offer, contact


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