Environmental Sustainability

The Adelaide Fringe has a continual commitment to our environment, and undertakes several initiatives to ensure our environmental sustainability.

These include:

  • Use of Balloons: Rest assured, while the Balloon Dog was the lovable 2018 poster mascot, we do not use balloons or helium in our promotional activity!  

  • Waste management: A waste minimisation strategy is in place to reduce the amount of waste produced by events, including duo-lid bins for recyclable and non-recyclable items at all Fringe-managed events and venues. Water tanks are installed for drinking water to reduce wastage by encouraging the refilling of containers. Waste levels are recorded at the Fringe Club to identify the best methodologies for minimising and collecting waste.

  • Site planning: We consult with (ACC) regarding site planning, including detailed site plans for our activities in Rymill Park (Fringe Box Office and Fringe Club), taking into account the placement of event infrastructure relative to the drip line of trees, access points for vehicles to enter and exit for waste collection and deliveries and an extensive noise mitigation. A regeneration plan is also in place each year once the festival has finished.

  • Recycled/biodegradable materials: All glass and drink containers with a redeemable deposit are collected/sorted separately for recycling following Fringe-produced events by the Scouts Association. All cardboard waste is collected and recycled. Recycled and up-cycled furnishings are used to decorate the Fringe Club. Disposable cutlery made from cornstarch and food containers used at Fringe-produced events are biodegradable and compostable. At the Fringe Office and Box Office, we recycle all possible materials e.g. paper, cardboard, printer cartridges, plastics, glass and metal. 

  • Designated poster pillars: Dedicated artist poster pillars via water tanks and an expanse of fencing are erected throughout the city as dedicated promotional spaces in order to reduce promotional litter and vandalism.

  • The Adelaide Fringe Parade: Costume designer and set production teams produce all Parade floats and costumes from recycled books, cardboards, clothing, plastics and papers and strongly encouraged participating artists and sponsors to do the same. 

  • Venues agreement: We have a venues agreement and Code of Conduct which all registered Fringe venues sign, and this includes the following clause: “Aim to achieve the highest level of sustainable practices within (your) venue to help reduce the environmental impact of Adelaide Fringe events.” Adelaide City Council funded venues also adhere to the Adelaide City Council sustainability policy.

We’re always striving to do better, and each year find new ways to ensure that we are holding ourselves to the highest possible standards.