The Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund has been developed to provide financial assistance to Australian artists registering their work in the Adelaide Fringe, and to help disadvantaged people experience to Fringe shows.

As an open access arts festival, many artists, producers and venues self-present their work in the Adelaide Fringe using their own funds. They are creative entrepreneurs, not only creating the work but then taking the financial risk of presenting that work themselves. Many receive no government funding, and often just a small amount of financial assistance can mean the world of difference. 

This year we raised over $100,000 toward the Artist Fund! Find out more about our previous recipients and what your donations mean to them.


During the Fringe, you can make a small donation when purchasing your tickets. Otherwise, click the link below to donate all year round. 


Join Our Donor Circle

Artists are the DNA of Adelaide Fringe.

We believe in supporting artists to present new work and ensuring all South Australians can experience the magic of the Fringe.

Help us make a difference by:

  • Providing funding to artists to create new work
  • Sending disadvantaged groups to experience Fringe shows
  • Investing in our rich Indigenous culture

Join our Donor Circle by becoming:

  • A Friend of Fringe Artists
  • Fringe Innovator
  • Fringe Visionary

Your support ensures Adelaide Fringe remains a platform for all artists and audiences for generations to come.

To become a Friend, Innovator or Visionary please contact Lauren Finch on (08) 8100 2010 or if you have any questions. 

The Adelaide Fringe would like to acknowledge our friends that make up our Donor Circle and thank them for their generous support.


Fringe Visionaries - $10,000

The Late Great Frank Ford and Sam Harvey

Fringe Innovators - $2,000

David & Vicki Minear 

Peter and Alison Hanlon

Heather Croall and Nick Phillips

Dr Christine Putland and Steve Grieve    

Friends of Fringe Artists - $1,000

Marjorie Fitz-Gerald 

Sir James and Lady Joan Hardy

Paul Martinovich and Michelaine Barker

Andrew Coombe

David and Vicki Minear

Annabel Mangal and Bronte Mawson

Annie Steven

John Koerber and Melody Howlett

Ray and Christine Ormsby 

Adam Lucey & Deb Bakopanos

Andrew & Melissa Mailler

Shane Daniell

Andrew Van Essen and Julie Moralee 

Nick Linke

Chelsea Martin

Ruth and Fiona Croall 


Fringe Visionaries 

Frank Ford & Sam Harvey

Fringe Innovators

Marjorie Fitz-Gerald

Nick Phillips & Heather Croall

Friends of Fringe Artists

Sir James & Lady Joan Hardy

Sue & Geoff Boettcher

Angelique & Michael Boileau

Julie & John von Doussa

Julia Pitcher & Julie Owens

Annabel Mangal & Bronte Mawson

Johnny Taranto

David & Vicki Minear

Peter & Alison Hanlon

Ruth & Fiona Croall

Max Lloyd & Gillian Redman-Lloyd

Andrew & Melissa Mailler

Heidi Angove

Daniela Cirocco & Andrew Coombe

Nicholas Linke

John Koerber & Melody Howlett

Naomi Ebert-Smith

Jan Turbill

Shane Daniell

Annie Steven   

Beavis Plumbing Service (Jamie and Sammy Beavis)                       

Ali McGregor          

Culshaw Miller Lawyers

Paul Martinovich & Michelaine Barker

Adam Lucey & Deb Bakopanos

Peter Louca

Andrew van Essen                                                                                                   





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