About the Artwork

Poster Competition winner Mali Isabel. Photo: Fumika Takagi, 2022

Say hello to our brand new poster for Adelaide Fringe 2022.

Mali Isabel’s ‘A Whimsical World’ represents the magical landscape that is Adelaide Fringe. Based on our city’s transformation during the festival, the artwork encompasses key elements of our city, from the River Torrens to the city’s East End and everything in between. The scattered symbols and dots throughout the painting represent the hundreds of gatherings, performances, venues, and exhibitions that take place across the city throughout the Adelaide Fringe, capturing the many unique and fulfilling experiences on offer. With the design flowing around the festival logo, this positions the Fringe as the heart of Adelaide’s arts and festival community.

Each colour used to create ‘A Whimsical World’ represents something different. Red symbolises adventure, orange is excitement, pink is creativity, yellow is positivity, green is life, brown is diversity, blue is imagination, purple is spirituality, silver is magic, gold is connection, and white is joy. The combination of these colours captures the spirit of the Adelaide Fringe and all it has to offer.


Poster Competition winner Mali Isabel. Photo: Fumika Takagi, 2022

Mali paints with all the colours of the rainbow, believing that no one can look at a rainbow – something so bright and so colourful – and feel sad. Using all the colours acknowledges every single person, from every walk of life, coming together to achieve equality for all. ‘A Whimsical World’ draws upon these same beliefs by scattering rainbows across the canvas – and potentially across the city – inviting and welcoming everyone.

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Banner image: Poster Competition winner Mali Isabel. Photo: Fumika Takagi, 2022