Top 20 Poster Competition Designs

Our Adelaide Fringe Poster Design Competition Top 20 are here!

In 2020, Adelaide Fringe is celebrating its 60th birthday. Of course, we need an spectacular poster design to mark the occasion and make us all go WOW. Artists were asked to interpret, "Adelaide Fringe Jumps into 60 years of history", and we were not disappointed! Take a gander at the entries below. 


by Anthea Jones


by Boadicea Pocz-Kitchen



'Grand Ole Dame' by Caroline Fox & Daniela Stevkovska


by Christina Gerber


by Christine Webb


'Lollipop Diamond' by Dave Court 


'Cornerstone of the Community' by Donovan Christie


'Fringe 2020 Poster' by Filip Kostovic


'Animal club' by Frances Hill


'Right Way Down' by Gemma Wallis


'Trapezing with Yorick' by Holly Furey


'Big 2020 the Joker' by John Sylvester


'All the World's a Stage' by Kym Bennetts


'Bird of a feather' by Laura Desmond


'Party girl' by Leigh Mace


by Lily Beaton


'Across the sky' by Michael Phillips 


'Thanks For The Memories' by Sarah Afragola


'Memories' by Tinh Vu


by Young Min Han